Welcome In My Backyard

PS|theater, the city-ensemble of Leiden, is gathering stories at the Leiden Bio Science Park for the production Welcome In My Backyard (WIMBY) - set to play inside the park this summer. Welcome In My Backyard will tell the story of the internationals of Leiden: people who’s life and choices have taken them all the way to this city - at least for now. 

Wanted: your story

The theatre-makers of PS|theater - Julia, Tijs and Rian - are eager to meet you! They want to get to know you and look together for answers to questions like: Where did you come from? What brought you here? What is it that drives you so much that you were willing to leave your home behind? And how are you rebuilding a new home over here?

Come to our PS|theater Mobile

Your stories will make and shape our play. Every week our PS|theater Mobile is placed in front of another company on the Bio Science park. You can find us here:

From the 1st of April: Biopartner
From the 8th of April: Baseclear
From the 15th of April: ProQR
From the 6th of May: Dr. Reddys

Come meet us there or get in touch with us by mail (julia@pstheater.nl), facebook, Instagram or twitter.

Welcome In My Backyard

Listen to our podcast

At the end of every week, we will present our newest podcast, depicting the people we met this week and what else we found about internationals at the LBSP. Every week we present our newest podcast to you at our PS|theater Mobile! 

Welcome In My Backyard

Who we are

PS|theater always works in the midst of town. Gathering stories from its inhabitants, creating plays at special locations all over Leiden and sharing those stories in shapes of theatre, music and visuals.

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